Ube Macapuno Ice Cream

Ube Macapuno Ice Cream is so natural to make with just five fixings and no frozen yogurt producer required! Rich, velvety, and with extraordinary ube flavor, it’s your next most loved frozen treat!

Folks, you’re in for a treat! With an extreme ube flavor and liberally studded with macapuno strips, this custom made ube macapuno frozen yogurt makes certain to fulfill your sweet desires.

Ube-enhanced wafers are discretionary yet energetically suggested.

I’m so fixated on making my frozen yogurt at home; my cooler is constantly stacked high with a wide range of flavor blends like mango or buko pandan.

When you attempt this basic no-beat strategy, you’ll at absolutely no point in the future go for locally acquired frozen yogurts! Hand crafted is less expensive, tastes endlessly better, and you can undoubtedly make a bunch without a frozen yogurt creator or extravagant gear.

Helpful tips

  • Try not to utilize ube halaya. I had an unopened container in my storeroom, and I thought I’d avoid the additional work of planning purple sweet potato by utilizing it all things considered. Serious mix-up as the frozen yogurt had the rich, velvety surface I was searching for however was excessively sweet for my taste.
  • Wash and channel the macapuno saves well as they’re normally pressed in weighty syrup which can make the frozen yogurt really sweet.
  • I was lucky to find new ube on one of my outings to Seafood City, and I recently bubbled and crushed around one cup worth of the tubers to use in this frozen yogurt. In the event that you’re in the U.S. furthermore, have just admittance to the frozen (currently cooked and ground) sweet potato sold in bundles, make a point to press it dry as the overabundance fluid will cause ice gems in the frozen yogurt.
  • Try not to skirt the ube separate as besides the fact that it uplifts tone, however it additionally extends the flavor.
  • Weighty cream is the groundwork of no-stir frozen yogurts, yet you can trade it with an equivalent measure of coconut cream (first extraction or kakang gata) in the event that you need a vegetarian treat. You can likewise utilize Nestle’s generally useful cream.
  • For ideal volume, have every one of the fixings freezing.


Cover the compartment with plastic film, tenderly squeezing it on the outer layer of the whipped cream to forestall ice precious stones.

Check this ube macapuno frozen yogurt out. It’s so fast and simple to make; you’ll be astounded the way that rich and velvety it turns out with little exertion. Serve it in a cup or on a cone for a definitive frozen treat!

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