Tortang Dulong

Tortang Dulong is a scrumptious egg omelet made of silverfish, tomatoes, and onions. Scrumptious with steamed rice for breakfast or any feast of the day!

In our home, I do the cooking and the house keeping while G is responsible for the clothing and the dishwashing. Have I at any point let you know the amount I ♥ this person?

There’s nothing hotter, as I would see it than seeing a 6-ft-1, blue-peered toward man with a hot ass scouring pots and dish. Makes me hopelessly distracted, I tell ya.

I stray. Returning to my brief tale, I cooked tortang dulong for my lunch yesterday. I depleted the silverfish in a colander, moved them into a bowl, and went higher up briefly to find my recipe notes. I was mostly down when I heard G yell a couple of exclamations I can’t rehash here.

It appeared to be my unfortunate chap began to wash anything ruined dishes were in the sink, and he got gone crazy with the couple of stray fish that stalled out on the colander. He thought they were parasites!

Obviously, I was the one in particular who ate this fish omelet.

Cooking steps

This is one recipe I needed to cook a couple of times before I hit the nail on the head. On my most memorable attempt, I joined the silverfish, new tomatoes, slashed green onions, and beaten eggs and sautéed the blend. It was a debacle! The omelet was excessively watery, and I was unable to try and flip it without making a regal wreck. Likewise, as I added the fish crude, it was somewhat difficult to have them totally managed without overcooking the eggs.

On my second-go-round, I chose to saute the dulong with onions, garlic, and tomatoes and ensured I depleted the abundance fluid well. My torta didn’t self-destruct so a lot, yet it was still difficult to shape into strong patties.

I pretty much abandoned truly making the omelet effectively when, last end of the week, I was in line at Seafood City to pay for my week of basic foods when I saw the woman before me with a holder of the moment fish. While the clerk was ringing up her buys, I immediately asked her how she cooks them into torta. “Add flour,” she replied.

Ha! For what reason didn’t I consider that? Checks out as the flour in ukoy works couple with eggs as a cover. Her tip had exactly the intended effect.

How to serve and store

  • I like to partake in the fish patties with steamed okra, sautéed eggplant, steamed rice, and hot vinegar for plunging. Best lunch or supper combo of all time!
  • They’re similarly delightful for breakfast with garlic seared rice and banana ketchup. A delectable and filling dinner to begin the day!
  • Store extras in impermeable compartments and save in the cooler for as long as 3 days.
  • To warm, heat a dry skillet over medium intensity until uniformly hot. Place torta in a solitary layer and intensity for around 2 to 3 minutes for every side or until hot. Or on the other hand, warm, covered, in the microwave for around 1 to 1 1/2 minutes.

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