Carry best of luck to the New Year with Homemade Tikoy! This tacky rice cake is not difficult to make thus delicate and chewy!

I intended to distribute this tikoy recipe before the Chinese New Year, however as you can see from the landing page’s most recent segment, I haven’t posted anything in that frame of mind while. I’ve been swimming in an ocean of food photographs and cooking recordings for the longest. It turned into a piece overpowering; I needed to step back a bit and give myself a space to move around.

This blog is vital to me, yet I wanted a brief break to rest and revive. In this way, following three months of zero new posts, I’m back, stimulated, and prepared to bring you more scrumptious dinner thoughts.

What is Tikoy

Tikoy or Nián gāo is a well known Chinese New Year’s cake made of glutinous rice flour, water, and sugar. The blend is steamed until set and permitted to dry and solidify for longer capacity.

It is then cut meagerly, covered in egg, and seared until brilliant brown and somewhat fresh outwardly and delicate and chewy within. The seared cuts are served for breakfast or as a late morning nibble with a drink of decision.

New Year Tradition

In Chinese, nián gāo seems like “higher year,” which is accepted to guarantee a superior year ahead. The Filipino word Tikoy is gotten from the Fujian/Hokkien “ti-ke,” and that implies sweet cake.

Considered perhaps of China’s most seasoned delicacy, Tikoy’s starting point follows back to a few stories. One legend includes a “Kitchen God” who reports to the Jade Emperor on the way of behaving of families. Individuals would offer the tacky rice to the “Kitchen God,” making it hard for him to open his mouth and say anything negative about the family.

While it could be eaten all year, the rice cake is particularly famous during the Chinese New Year. Its tacky consistency is accepted to bring serious areas of strength for an inside the family and different connections and make best of luck “stick”.

Because of a weighty Chinese social impact in the Philippines, we have likewise embraced a ton of these convictions and customs. Praising the Chinese New Year is one of them. It’s standard to find tikoy sold in most significant grocery stores and cafés paving the way to the occasion.

Helpful Tips

  • Liberally oil the sides and lower part of the skillet so the rice cake won’t stick. Allow it totally to cool prior to eliminating as it would be challenging to let out of the skillet when warm.
  • Cover the liner top with a kitchen towel to stay away from water dribbles on the rice cake.
  • Cool the tikoy in the fridge (ideally short-term) until it solidifies for simple cutting. To destroy your tikoy right, cover the blade with oil.

How to store

Wrap the tikoy firmly with a plastic film and spot it in a resealable pack or impenetrable holder. Store in the fridge for as long as multi week or in the cooler for as long as 90 days.

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