Puto Maya and Sikwate

Kick off your day with Puto Maya and Sikwate! This Cebuana blend of tacky rice cake with succulent mangoes and hot cocoa are a scrumptious and filling treat for breakfast or whenever of the day.

What is Puto maya at sikwate

Puto Maya is a kind of tacky rice cake that began in Cebu. It’s made of steamed glutinous rice, new ginger squeeze, and improved coconut milk. It’s typically served enclosed by banana leaves in a triangle or round shapes with cuts of delicious ready mangoes as an afterthought.
Sikwate is the Cebuano rendition of hot cocoa or the tsokolate de batirol. It is ready by adding tablea (cocoa tablets) and earthy colored sugar into a pot of bubbling water and blending it until joined and completely disintegrated.

What you’ll require

  • Glutinous rice-or privately known as malagkit. You can utilize white tacky rice (pilit) or in mix with dark tacky rice (tapol)
  • Coconut milk
  • New ginger juice-adds an invigorating, peppery flavor; you can utilize ginger juice or new ginger cuts
  • Sugar-adds a bit of pleasantness
  • Salt-balances the sweet
  • Tablea-broiled ground unadulterated cacao
  • Earthy colored sugar-improves the hot cocoa


Making the sikwate

  • In the event that tablea isn’t accessible, you can utilize Dutch-handled unsweetened cocoa powder as a substitute.
  • Use milk rather than water for a more extravagant and creamier taste.

Making the puto maya

  • Absorb the glutinous rice water for an hour to guarantee quick and in any event, cooking.
  • In the event that your liner bin has large openings, line with cheesecloth to forestall the rice grains from going through the openings.

Two methods to cook the sticky rice

  • On the burner or rice cooker-simpler and faster strategy
  • In the liner the conventional technique; requires more work yet brings about better surface and taste

Serving suggestions

  • Pack the steamed rice cake into a little bowl while holding its shape is as yet hot. Transform on a serving plate and present with sikwate and ready mangoes.
  • To envelop by banana leaves, cut the banana leaves into 4×7 inches strips and overlay into a cone shape. While still hot, spoon the puto maya into the coned banana leaves and structure them into triangles. Serve warm with sikwate and ready mangoes.

How to store

  • Store in a hermetically sealed holder and refrigerate for as long as 3 days. Note that the tacky rice dries and solidifies when cold.
  • To warm, steam the puto in a liner for around 5 minutes or warm in a microwave for around 30 to 40 seconds or until delicate.

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