Melon Chiller

Sweet, rich, and quite reviving! Attempt this Melon Chiller with delicious melon shreds and dense milk. It is a definitive refreshment, particularly for warm late spring days.

Melon Chiller is a kind of Filipino reward made with destroyed melon, water, dense milk, and ice. It is a famous road drink or samalamig typically sold close by sago’t gulaman and buko juice, in that frame of mind with straws.

It’s a cool, reviving beverage the entire family would cherish! The ideal method for reviving on warm and tacky mid year days!

What you’ll need

  • Melon is a sort of melon with orange tissue. It’s accessible all year, yet it’s at its best during the late spring.
  • Improved consolidated milk-adds a sweet and rich flavor. You can substitute dissipated milk for this recipe and add sugar as indicated by taste.
  • Water-utilize pretty much contingent upon the ideal focus
  • Ice-serve the beverage over ice for best satisfaction

Helpful Tips

  • Utilize a melon/coconut shredder to scratch and shred the tissue. On the off chance that a melon scrubber isn’t accessible, you can utilize the prongs of a fork.
  • For additional flavor, add a couple of drops of vanilla concentrate.

How to serve

  • Serve this melon chiller over ice for the best pleasure
  • Polish off the beverage promptly once the consolidated milk is added as synthetic mixtures in the melon respond to the milk after some time, bringing about a harsh or unpleasant taste.

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