Instant Pot Boba Milk Tea

Hankering milk tea? Presently you can without much of a stretch make your most loved boba drink at home utilizing the Instant Pot! It’s prepared in minutes and requires just six fixings!

Moment Pot is one of my #1 kitchen devices and I’m really eager to become the quantity of tension cooker recipes on the blog. Furthermore, what better way to grandstand the miracles of this little apparatus than fun air pocket milk tea?

Assuming that you regular boba shops, you know how custard beverages can get pretty exorbitant. Be that as it may, why burn through $5 and up for a little cup when you can undoubtedly make your own at home?

The milk tea is prepared in minutes and all you really want are five straightforward fixings. Six assuming that you need it on ice.

What you’ll need

  • Custard Pearls-additionally called boba, they’re chewy, clear balls made with cassava starch
  • Tea-while exemplary Taiwanese air pocket milk tea generally utilizes dark tea, you can likewise change around the flavor with other tea assortments like duke dim, oolong, green tea, or jasmine.
  • Water-the recipe underneath utilizes a proportion of 1 tea pack for each 1 cup of water. Change sum as per wanted strength.
  • Sugar-go ahead and trade with your favored sugars like earthy colored sugar or honey.
  • Milk-adds velvety taste. You can substitute almond, oat, or cashew milk for a veggie lover elective.

Quick Tip

Try not to refrigerate the cooked custard pearls as they get more diligently and lose their chewiness when cold. If you have any desire to cool the tea in the fridge, eliminate the boba and store independently in a basic syrup.

Making the tea

Make the tea more grounded as the expansion of milk will weaken the flavor. Nonetheless, don’t finished “pressure cook” as this will extricate a lot of tannin, bringing about an unpleasant and astringent taste.

For more tea flavor, you can build how much tea sacks per cup of water or utilize an all the more full-bodied dark tea like Assam, Yunnan, Ceylon, or English Breakfast.

How to serve

  • The tea drink can be delighted in plain or with a hint of milk for richness. Serve chilled or over ice for best outcomes.
  • For a tomfoolery experience, taste the beverage with a huge straw!

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