Bopis with minced pork lungs, carrots, and peppers is stacked with huge, strong flavors you’ll cherish! It’s ideal as bar food with a super cold brew or a primary dinner with steamed rice!

One dish I was once again introduced to and became hopelessly enamored with on my new excursion to the Philippines was Bopis. Despite the fact that my mom cooked it frequently when I was growing up, I’ve never truly begun to appreciate it. At the point when you’re youthful (and stupid), heart and lungs are not precisely on your #1 food list.

Since I have grown-up preferences and a more courageous sense of taste, I was unable to get enough of it! With interesting flavors and fresh edges, it’s totally habit-forming!

What is Bopis

Bopis is a zesty Filipino delicacy made of minced pork lung and heart cooked in onions, garlic, and bean stew peppers. Famous as a hors d’oeuvre, it is likewise regularly filled in as a primary dinner course.

Like adobo, afritada, and other Filipino works of art, there are numerous provincial understandings of this dish. Fixings and flavors might incorporate pureed tomatoes, paprika, radish (labanos), carrots, chime peppers, and vinegar relying upon the neighborhood rendition.

While a varieties have a more sassy consistency because of the utilization of pureed tomatoes, Kapampangan bopis is for the most part dry.

Bopis Kapampangan

You can mince the pork lung yourself or get it previously handled from the wet business sectors. Simply ask the butcher for “ache bopis” cut.

The minced lungs are first marinated in vinegar and afterward sauteed in onions and garlic until the meat starts to sizzle. As a matter of fact, the dish is likewise called pulutok in Kapampangan due to the popping sound the meat makes in the container as it crisps.

Whenever it’s cooked carrots, chime peppers, and stew peppers are added for variety, surface, and flavor.

Sadly, this offal isn’t accessible here in the U.S. because of severe administrative regulations. In the event that you live in the U.S., use pork hearts and finely cleave with a blade or heartbeat in a food processor.


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